Automotive Industry

How the Automotive Industry Utilizes Ready Containment Spill Berms and Bladder Tanks

In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing and maintenance, efficiency, safety, and compliance are of the utmost importance. This is where Ready Containment’s range of flexible containment products comes into play, offering tailor-made solutions to meet the complex requirements of the automotive sector. In this article, we’ll explore how these flexible containment solutions are being utilized in the automotive industry, from manufacturing plants to service stations.

Key Ready Containment Products for the Automotive Sector

  1. Chemical and Oil Bladder Tanks: For storing chemicals, oils, and other automotive fluids. As well as We manufacture a wide variety of inflatable bladders, floatation pontoons, marine fenders, tank liners, clutches, dampers, actuators, hydraulic accumulators, attenuators, presses, cuffs, gas samplers, lift bags, balloons, compensators, air cells, forms, pneumatic structures, pipe plugs, ducting, flex-tanks, breather bags, airtight zipper bags, inflatable targets, decoys, seals, pond liners, dikes and collapsible drums.

  2. Drip and Leak Diverters: Effective in catching and diverting leaks from machinery or stored fluids.

  3. Decontamination Pools: Used for cleaning automotive parts and tools to prevent contamination.

  4. Drive-Through Berms: For capturing runoff during vehicle washes or fluid changes.

  5. Spill Containment Berms: These provide a safeguard against accidental spills during fluid transfers.

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Manufacturing

Chemical and Oil Bladder Tanks

Automotive manufacturing processes often involve the use of various chemicals and oils, from coolants to lubricants. Ready Containment’s bladder tanks are ideal for storing these fluids safely and efficiently. Made with high-quality materials, these tanks are durable and resistant to a variety of chemicals, ensuring long-term reliability.

Spill Containment Berms

For areas where fluids are transferred or mixed, spill containment berms are essential. They provide an added layer of security, capturing any accidental spills and preventing them from contaminating the workspace or the environment.

Revolutionizing Automotive Service Stations

Drive-Through Berms

Service stations often deal with a range of automotive fluids, from engine oils to coolants. Drive-through berms make it easier to manage these substances during oil changes or vehicle washes, capturing any runoff and making cleanup easier.

Drip and Leak Diverters

Mechanical failures and leaks are common in an automotive setting. Ready Containment’s drip and leak diverters can be strategically placed to catch any leaking fluids, preventing floor contamination and minimizing slip hazards.

Decontamination Pools

When it comes to maintaining and repairing vehicles, avoiding cross-contamination is essential. Decontamination pools can be used to clean off parts and tools, ensuring that they are free from oil, grease, or chemical residues.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Ready Containment’s products also have environmental benefits. By capturing spills and leaks, they help service stations and manufacturing plants comply with environmental regulations. This not only helps in preserving the environment but also shields businesses from potential legal consequences tied to contamination.


With its comprehensive range of flexible containment products, Ready Containment is shaping the future of safety and efficiency in the automotive industry. From the manufacturing floor to the service bays, these solutions offer a robust defense against spills, leaks, and contamination, thus enhancing operational efficacy and compliance with safety standards.

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