Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Built to last using Mil-Specs fabric designed for hydrocarbon storage in combat situations, Ready’s Crude Bladders are made using the most advanced fabrics, fittings, and manufacturing techniques on the market today. When dealing with fuels it is extremely important for the operator to take all the precaution normally taken when using steel storage tanks. These include secondary containment, grounding/lighting protect and the right equipment to pump and transfer the the crude oil.

Compare our bladder tanks to a common Crude Oil Storage Tank. A single Ready 5000 Barrels Bladder holds the equivalent of Ten Frac-tanks. Which means less valve, hose, and piping, and also means no comparison. Six of our bladders can be delivered on one flatbed truck. Our Crude Oil Bladder Tanks are built under a strict ISO 9001:20015 QMS. They are also vented and can be flared. Furthermore, these tanks are built in a variety of sizes to meet your crude storage needs.

So whether you need  Crude Oil, Fuel storage Bladder, Secondary Containment Berm, or Water Storage. Ready Containment offers a high quality containment solution. 

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Crude Oil storage tanks include the following fittings:
Bonded Fittings 50K Gallons/ 1190 US Oil Barrels 75K gallons / 1,785 US Oil Barrels 100K gallons / 2380 US Oil Barrels 150K gallons / 3571 US Oil Barrels 210,000 gallons / 5,000 US Oil Barrels
Filler/discharge assembly 4 in
Vent Fitting Assembly, 2 in
Drain Fitting Assembly, 2 in
Description Crude Oil Tank Capacity Ground Cloth Dimensions Berm Liner Dimensions
Size I
50,000 gallons / 1190 US Oil Barrels
16 ft x 16 ft
100 ft x 59 ft
Size II
75,000 gallons / 1,785 US Oil Barrels
25 ft x 25 ft
59 ft x 120 ft
Size III
100,000 gallons / 2,380 US Oil Barrels
30 ft x 30 ft
79 ft x 120 ft
Size IV
150,000 gallons / 3,571 US Oil Barrels
26 ft x 68 ft
100 ft x 159 ft
Size V
210,000 gallons / 5,000 US Oil Barrels
70 ft x 70 ft
108 ft x 108 ft
According to US Mil-Sec ASTM and our own ISO quality standards, we pressure test each bladder tank before shipping.

Ready Crude Oil Tanks

Are a cost-effective alternative to conventional steel Frac-tanks.  One of our crude storage bladders’ maximum volume is 5000 barrels, equivalent to 10 – 500 barrel tanks. Additionally, six of our bladders, each containing 5000 barrels, can be hauled on a flatbed truck. This same task would require 60 frac tanks.  Because of this, bladders tanks drastically reduce transportation costs compared to frac tanks. Call for tank availability. Emergency and Rush services are offer 941-739-9486.

How are Bladder Tanks used in the crude oil industry?

In the crude oil industry, bladder tanks play a crucial role in various applications, ranging from drilling to transportation and storage. These flexible, durable tanks offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for temporary and long-term liquid storage needs. Here’s a detailed look at how bladder tanks are utilized in this industry.

Separation Process

One of the initial steps in crude oil processing is the separation of oil, water, and gases. Bladder tanks can serve as temporary holding containers for these materials. They are useful for managing fluids during the testing and calibration of separator units. With their quick setup, they also offer a short-term solution for maintaining operations when permanent tanks undergo maintenance or repair.

Drill Fluid Storage

During drilling operations, various fluids like drilling muds and brines are used. Bladder tanks offer a convenient storage option, as they can be easily transported to remote locations and are quick to set up. Their flexibility allows them to adapt to different terrains, making them ideal for offshore and onshore drilling sites.

Emergency Storage

Bladder tanks are particularly useful in emergency situations, such as oil spills or leaks. They can be quickly deployed to temporarily store spilled crude oil, minimizing environmental impact. Their flexibility and portability enable rapid response to emergency scenarios.

Transfer Operations

In crude oil logistics, bladder tanks can act as intermediate storage containers for transferring oil from one location to another. For example, they can store oil temporarily when it is being transferred from a ship to a pipeline or from a pipeline to a storage facility.

Inventory Management

In some cases, bladder tanks are used as secondary or buffer storage options. They can help in optimizing inventory levels during seasonal fluctuations, thereby aiding in efficient operations management.

Chemical Mixing and Dosing

Bladder tanks are often used to store and mix chemicals that are introduced into the crude oil to enhance its flow or reduce corrosion in pipelines. Their design allows for easy mixing and quick discharge of these chemicals into the treatment systems.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, bladder tanks are versatile storage solutions in the crude oil industry. They are known for their flexibility, portability, and ease of installation, making them ideal for a wide array of applications, from separation processes and drill fluid storage to emergency response and transfer operations.

For businesses in the crude oil industry, investing in high-quality bladder tanks can significantly enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. Whether it’s a drilling project in a remote location or an emergency spill response, bladder tanks prove to be invaluable assets.