Crude Oil Storage Bladders

Ready Crude Oil Storage bladders:

Built using Mil-Specs fuel fabric designed for fuel storage combat situations, Ready Crude Bladders are made using the most advanced fabrics, fittings, and manufacturing techniques on the market today.

Compare our bladder tanks to a common Frac Tank. A single Ready 5000 Barrels Bladder holds the equivalent of Ten Frac tanks. Which means less valve, hose, and piping, and also means no comparison. Six of our bladders can be delivered on one flatbed truck. Our Crude Oil Bladder Tanks are built under a strict ISO 9001:20015 QMS. They are also vented and can be flared. Furthermore, these tanks are built in a variety of sizes to meet your crude storage needs.

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Crude oil bladder

Click below to download our Crude Oil Bladders Tank White Papers:

Cooley-Material-Spec.pdf     Cooley-Chemical-Resistant.pdf

Crude Oil Bladder tanks include the following fittings

Bonded Fittings50k gallons / 1190 US oil barrels75K gallons / 1,785 US oil barrels100K gallons / 2380 US oil barrels150K gallons / 3571 US oil barrels210,000 gallons / 5,000 US oil barrels
Filler/discharge assembly 4 in11111
Vent Fitting Assembly, 2 in11222
Drain Fitting Assembly, 2 in11222

DescriptionFor use with Tank CapacityGround Cloth DimensionsBerm Liner Dimensions
Size I50,000 gallons / 1190 US oil barrels16 ft x 16 ft100 ft x 59 ft
Size II75,000 gallons / 1,785 US oil barrels25 ft x 25 ft59 ft x 120 ft
Size III100,000 gallons / 2380 US oil barrels30 ft x 30 ft79 ft x 120 ft
Size IV150,000 gallons / 3571 US oil barrels26 ft x 68 ft100 ft x 159 ft
Size V210,000 gallons / 5,000 US oil barrels70 ft x 70 ft108 ft x 108 ft

We pressure tests each bladder tank before shipping, according to US Mil-Sec ASTM and our own ISO quality standards.

Ready Crude Oil Bladders are a cost-effective alternative to conventional steel frac tanks.  The maximum volume of one of our crude storage bladders is 5000 barrels, equivalent to 10 – 500 barrel tanks. Additionally, six of our bladders, each containing 5000 barrels, can be hauled on a flatbed truck. This same task would require 60 frac tanks.  Because of this, bladders tanks drastically reduce transportation costs compared to frac tanks. 

fuel oil bladder
Crude oil bladder
Hydro-testing crude oil bladder