Fuel Bladders

Ready Containment

A fuel bladders or fuel blivit, from Ready Containment can store Diesel, Gasoline, Avgas, Mogas, and more. Our top-quality bladders are built to last. We use first quality, military-spec, urethane fabric with factory-sealed encapsulated edges and anodized eight-bolt aluminum flanges to help ensure a leak-free fuel tank.

Fuel Bladders

Fuel bladders, also known as fuel bladder tanks or collapsible fuel tanks, are specialized flexible containers designed to store and transport various types of fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, or aviation fuel. These bladders provide a portable and space-efficient solution for fuel storage in applications where rigid tanks are not practical or feasible. Buy Fuel Bladders

Marine Fuel Bladders

Marine fuel bladders, also known as boat fuel bladders or marine fuel tanks, are specialized flexible containers designed to store and transport fuel on boats, yachts, or other marine vessels. These bladders provide a portable and space-efficient solution for fuel storage in marine environments, where traditional rigid fuel tanks may not be suitable or practical.

Military Fuel Bladder Tanks

Built to a variety of military specifications, or your specifications, Ready Military Bladders are made using the most advanced fabrics, fittings, and manufacturing techniques on the market today.

Bulletin: Advantages of Using Fuel Bladders in Land, Air, Subsea, and Marine Applications

Introduction to Fuel Bladders

Fuel bladders, or collapsible storage tanks, are an innovative solution for the storage and transportation of fuel in various environments. Their flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make them a preferred choice in diverse applications including land, air, subsea, and marine sectors.

Land Applications
  1. Ease of Transportation and Installation: Ideal for remote or temporary sites such as mining, construction, or military bases, where traditional fuel tanks are impractical.
  2. Environmental Protection: Designed to minimize leaks and spills, thus safeguarding against ground contamination.
  3. Emergency Fuel Supply: Quickly deployable in disaster relief scenarios, providing vital fuel for power and emergency services.
Air Applications
  1. Extended Aircraft Range: Allows for longer flights without the need for frequent refueling stops, crucial for military and emergency operations.
  2. Lightweight and Space-Efficient: Their collapsibility and lightweight nature make them suitable for aircraft where space and weight are premium considerations.
  3. Rapid Deployment in Remote Areas: Can be air-dropped into inaccessible areas for immediate fuel supply.
Subsea Applications
  1. Deep-Sea Operations: Essential for undersea exploration and drilling operations, offering a reliable fuel source in challenging environments.
  2. Pressure Resistance and Durability: Engineered to withstand extreme subsea pressures and harsh conditions.
  3. Support for Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs): Provides a continuous fuel supply for ROVs engaged in extended subsea missions.
Marine Applications
  1. Increases Vessel Range: Supplemental fuel storage for long voyages, fishing expeditions, and military naval operations.
  2. Flexibility on Deck: Can be easily adjusted or moved around the deck, optimizing space and balancing the vessel.
  3. Emergency Backup: Acts as a critical backup in case of main fuel system failure or when refueling stations are unavailable.

Fuel bladders are a versatile and efficient solution for fuel storage and transportation across various sectors. Their adaptability to land, air, subsea, and marine applications, combined with environmental safety features and cost-effectiveness, makes them an invaluable asset. Implementing fuel bladders in these fields not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures preparedness and resilience in diverse operational scenarios.


Organizations and operations across these sectors are encouraged to consider fuel bladders as a strategic investment for efficient and safe fuel management.