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Ready Containment’s Flexible Fuel Bladders are built to exceed the current US mil specs. Quality and Safety are our main priority. Ready Containment’s quality control team double checks each tank for any defect. Using test procedures in accordance with ASTM 751 and current U.S. Mil Specs. This way before we ship it is 100% up to the quality our customers expect and deserve. Ready Fuel Bladders are compact and portable making them ideal compared to hard steel or plastic tanks.

Ready Flexible Fuel Bladders are for diesel, gasoline*, jet fuels, JP 8, Avgas, MO Gas storage. Our tanks are in use by a variety of industries such as, military, marine, wild land fire, agriculture, emergency response, disaster relief, and racing fuel cells. Our Flexible Bladder Tanks are customizable to meet any of your needs whether bigger or smaller, extra or customs fitting we build each of our bladders with the customers needs in mind.

Further more we manufacture many different styles of fuel bladders  and water bladder in an infinite number of sizes.

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