Ready Standard Passive Filter

//Ready Standard Passive Filter

Ready Standard Passive Filter


Passive Filter Removes Hydrocarbon from Outdoor The Ready-Self Bailer.

Ready Containment, LLC offers the Ready Self Bailer to help eliminate rain water from building up in your outdoor containment products like the Ready Spill Berms.

Passively Filter Hydrocarbons From Storm water in Outdoor Containment Products


The best protection for non-monitored containment sites.

Helps eliminate problems associated with the collection of rainwater in outdoor containment products.

Simple installation – can be connected to any Ready Containment outdoor containment product. Like or Spill Berms or Tank Containment Berms.

Hydrocarbon “sheens” and modest spills are captured – clean storm water drains through the outflow port.

Larger or concentrated spills activate “auto-shutoff” mechanism.

Manual shutoff valve can be used to secure all draining operations, change out the filter cartridge.

Filters are quickly and easily replaced.

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Weight 2 oz


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