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Hydrocarbon Filter | Ready Self Bailer – Passive Filter

Eliminates rainwater from building up in your outdoor secondary containment products, like the Ready Spill Berms, we also offer the Ready Self Bailer for other outdoor containment products.

Introducing the Passive Filter, the ultimate solution for oil removal in outdoor secondary containment products. In addition to preventing rainwater buildup in products like our <a href=””>Ready Spill Berms, we proudly offer the Ready Self Bailer. Designed specifically for non-monitored containment sites, the Ready Self Bailer efficiently filters hydrocarbon from stormwater through its replaceable filters and features an outflow port for easy installation. Experience worry-free containment with our Ready Passive Filters.

best protection for non-monitored containment sites, the Ready Self Bailer, helps eliminate problems associated with collecting rainwater in outdoor containment products. Simple to install, it can be connected to any outdoor containment product to filter hydrocarbon from stormwater through its outflow port, which features easily replaceable filters. Larger or concentrated spills activate the “auto-shutoff” mechanism. Ready Passive Filters are used with:

Ready Berms | Ready Drive Through Spill Berms | Ready Foam Wall Berm | Ready “L” Bracket Spill Berm


  • NO oil sheens outside containment.
  • NO overflowing containment pads.
  • NO vac truck hassles.
  • NO frozen pads in winter.
  • NO regulators hounding you.