Pillow Style Marine Fuel Bladder


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Pillow Style Marine Fuel Bladders

Extended Range fuel bladders are guaranteed to be long lasting and durable. Made in a variety of standard sizes. Marine Fuel bladders are an affordable, convenient way to store extra fuel when needed. Lightweight, flexible, and easy to deploy and store away. Choose between Pillow Style and Space Saver Fuel Bladders. Oversized Deck Mats are included to protect the fuel bladder and boat deck. These durable mats are also designed to provide secure stowaway and transport of your fuel bladder. Fold the edges of the deck mat over the fuel bag’s edges and roll the fuel bladder up inside the deck mat. Similar to a bedroll.

Size Chart

GallonsPillow StyleSpace Saver
2533" x 36" x 9"N/A
5040" x 50" x 9"30" x 38" x 12"
10050" x 64" x 12"48" x 48" x 12"
12053" x 61" x 12"N/A
15060" x 72" x 12"48" x 48" x 15"
20059" x 95" x 15"68" x 68" x 10"
25064.5" x 90" x 15"68" x 68" x 13"
30064.5" x 96" x 15"68" x 68" x 15"