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Ready Onion Tanks

Introducing our Ready Containment Onion Tanks – the ultimate solution for reliable and versatile liquid storage that’s as robust as it is innovative. Whether you’re managing emergency response situations, industrial operations, or remote work sites, these tanks are designed to exceed your expectations and redefine convenience.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, our onion tanks are a testament to durability and flexibility. The unique onion shape isn’t just visually appealing; it’s a smart engineering marvel. Constructed from high-grade materials, these tanks boast exceptional resistance to chemicals, UV rays, punctures, and extreme weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for even the most demanding environments.

What sets our Ready Containment Onion Tanks apart is their quick and hassle-free setup. No need for complex assembly instructions or specialized tools – these tanks practically spring to life. Just unroll, unfold, and watch them take shape effortlessly, thanks to their self-rising design. This means you can focus on the task at hand, saving precious time and manpower.

With a range of sizes from compact to colossal, our onion tanks can adapt to your specific needs. Whether it’s storing water, chemicals, fuel, or other liquids, you can trust that these tanks maintain the integrity of your contents with airtight precision. The secure containment prevents leaks and spillage, ensuring both safety and compliance with stringent regulations.

Transportation headaches? Not anymore. Our onion tanks are ingeniously portable. When emptied, they can be collapsed and folded into a compact size, allowing for convenient storage and effortless relocation. Whether you’re responding to emergencies on the go or setting up temporary operations, you’ll appreciate the ease with which these tanks can be moved.

Safety is our priority, and that’s why our onion tanks are designed for long-lasting use. Resisting the challenges of the environment and the rigors of your work, they’re an investment that pays off over time. Versatility, durability, and convenience – our Ready Containment Onion Tanks deliver it all.

Choose innovation. Choose reliability. Choose Ready Containment Onion Tanks – the epitome of advanced liquid storage solutions.

We also offer Military Zipper Top Onion Tanks that are completely sealed with a liquid and airtight zipper.


  • Ready Containment Onion Tanks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    1. What materials are Ready Containment Onion Tanks made of?
      • Ready Containment Onion Tanks are crafted from high-quality, industrial-grade fabric materials designed to be durable and resistant to various environmental factors.
    2. How quickly can I set up a Ready Containment Onion Tank?
      • These tanks are designed for rapid deployment. In most cases, you can have them set up and operational within minutes.
    3. What's the maximum capacity of these onion tanks?
      • The capacity varies based on the specific model you choose. Ready Containment offers a range of sizes to cater to different needs, from small capacities to thousands of gallons.
    4. Are these tanks suitable for potable water storage?
      • Yes, specific models are designed to store potable water safely. However, always ensure you select the correct model for drinking water storage.
    5. How do I clean and maintain my onion tank?
      • Cleaning typically involves emptying the tank, rinsing it with a mild detergent, and thoroughly washing it with clean water. Regular inspection for wear and tear is also recommended.
    6. Can I store other liquids besides water in these tanks?
      • While primarily designed for water, some Ready Containment Onion Tanks can hold other liquids. Ensure the tank material is compatible with the intended stored liquid and consult the manufacturer's guidelines.
    7. Are repair kits available for Ready Containment Onion Tanks?
      • Yes, patch kits and repair materials specifically designed for the tank's fabric are available, ensuring you can address minor damages promptly.
    8. How durable are these tanks in extreme weather conditions?
      • The tanks are made from materials designed to withstand various weather conditions, from intense sun to heavy rain. However, it's always a good practice to check the manufacturer's specifications for any limitations.
    9. How portable are Ready Containment Onion Tanks when not in use?
      • One of the main advantages is their portability. When empty and collapsed, they can be easily transported, making them ideal for field operations.
    10. Is there a warranty or guarantee on the Ready Containment Onion Tanks?
    • Typically, manufacturers like Ready Containment offer warranties on their products. It's best to check directly with them or refer to the product documentation for specific warranty details.

Industries used

Onion tanks, which are sometimes called "pillow tanks" or "bladder tanks" (although their designs can differ slightly), are collapsible water storage tanks that have a unique onion or doughnut shape when filled. They are often used in a variety of situations due to their portability and ease of setup. Here are some common users and applications for onion tanks:

  1. Emergency Services and Disaster Relief: In situations where natural disasters have compromised local water infrastructure, emergency services might deploy onion tanks to store clean drinking water for affected populations.
  2. Military: Armed forces often use these tanks in field operations where a temporary and portable water supply is needed.
  3. Fire Departments: Onion tanks can be set up quickly to provide an additional water source for firefighting operations, especially in areas where hydrants or other water sources are not readily available.
  4. Remote Construction Sites: In places where access to water is limited, construction crews might use onion tanks to ensure they have an adequate water supply.
  5. Oil and Gas Industry: They might use onion tanks for temporary storage of water used in operations.
  6. Agriculture: Farmers can use these tanks for temporary irrigation or livestock water storage.
  7. Environmental Clean-up Operations: In situations where water from a particular site might be contaminated, it can be stored in onion tanks for later treatment.
  8. Temporary Events: Organizers of events like music festivals or large outdoor gatherings might use onion tanks to provide water for attendees, especially if the event is in a remote location.
  9. Rural Areas: In regions where water supply infrastructure might not be as developed, onion tanks can be a short-term solution during periods of drought or other water shortages.

The appeal of onion tanks lies in their ease of transport (since they're collapsible), rapid deployment, and the fact that they don't typically require any tools or heavy equipment to set up.

Size Chart

Capacity Base Diameter Filled Collar Diameter Filled Filled Height Weight
Gallons Liters Inches Meters Inches Meters Inches Meters Pounds Kilograms
600 2,271 84" 2.1m 54" 1.4m 38" 1m 40 18
1,200 4,543 128" 3.3m 82" 2.1m 34" 0.9m 70 32
1,800 6,814 154" 3.9m 102" 2.6m 36" 0.9m 75 34
2,400 9,085 180" 4.6m 128" 3.3m 34" 0.9m 85 39
3,000 11,356 188" 4.8m 132" 3.4m 38" 1m 100 45
3,600 13,628 189" 4.8m 144" 3.7m 38" 1m 115 52
4,800 18,170 224" 5.7m 164" 4.2m 42" 1.1m 150 68
6,000 22,713 209" 5.3m 144" 3.7m 60" 1.5m 150 68
10,000 37,854 236" 6.0m 144" 3.7m 80" 2m 200 91
14,400 54,510 260" 6.6m 144" 3.7m 93" 2.4m 250 113

Dimensions on tank sizes can vary a little depending on the application, the fabric used, and/or military spec. We offer custom tanks so if you do not see what you need give us a call or drop us a note.

Forest Fires

Onion tanks play a pivotal role in supporting efforts to combat forest fires. Their primary function in such scenarios is to act as a water reservoir for firefighting operations, especially in remote locations where access to steady water sources might be limited. Here's how they are typically used:

  1. Helicopter Dipping Operations: Helicopters equipped with buckets or "bambi buckets" can dip into onion tanks to fill up with water, which is then dropped on the fire. Given that onion tanks can be rapidly set up in strategic locations, they provide an accessible water source for aircraft, allowing them to refill more frequently without having to travel long distances.
  2. Supply for Ground Firefighting Crews: Onion tanks can be set up as water supply points for ground crews, supplying water for both handheld hoses and mobile firefighting equipment. Having a reliable water source nearby allows firefighters to maintain a continuous effort in combating the blaze.
  3. Filling from Various Sources: Onion tanks can be filled using water tenders, portable pumps drawing from natural water sources (like rivers or lakes), or even by helicopters that shuttle water. This flexibility ensures a constant water supply, even in the most challenging terrains.
  4. Decanting and Relay: Sometimes, one water tender will offload its water into an onion tank, while another tender fills up from it to transport water closer to the fire lines or to another storage point. This relay system ensures a steady water flow to the areas where it's needed most.
  5. Temporary Storage During Water Transfer: In scenarios where large volumes of water are being moved from a distant source, onion tanks can serve as temporary holding points. This ensures that the water is readily available when and where it's needed.
  6. Mixing Additives: Sometimes, firefighting efforts involve the use of foam or other fire-retardant additives. Onion tanks can be used to mix and store water with these additives before it's deployed against the fire.

The rapid deployability, portability, and ease of use of onion tanks make them invaluable assets in forest firefighting operations. By providing a steady and reliable water source, these tanks help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both aerial and ground-based firefighting teams.