L-Bracket Spill Berm


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Ready “L” Bracket Spill Berm

Extra Height give extra spill protection. Our standard L Bracket Spill Containment Berm wall height on a 12″ spill berm is 13.5” and 19″ on our 18″ “L” Bracket Containment Berms to provide additional spill protection. One of the most durable and secure spill berms on the market today. We offer a variety of Grade “A” Factory fabrics in our spill berm designs to meet your secondary containment needs. For oil containment, diesel fuel containment, fuel trucks, and chemical tankers,

All Ready L-Bracket Berms come with fully reinforced, welded, side, and top support sleeves along with a lightweight, 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum support to ensure ultimate secondary containment. Ready Containment’s L-Bracket Berms feature a perimeter skirt that can be easily weighed or staked down to prevent wind from getting under the berm and knocking over the walls when used in outdoor applications. Built-in drains allow optimal drainage of rainwater. We only use chemical-resistant drains and gaskets. Our design provides both a portable spill containment that is rugged, and compact which allows quick, and easy deployment. While being durable enough to provide permanent long-term secondary containment. We are so confident in our product that Ready Containment offers a * 7-year warranty on our grade “A” factory spill berms and a lifetime of customer service and support!

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  • Ready Berms are fast to deploy and break down
  • Factory *7 Year Warranty.
  • Vehicles and equipment can drive in and out by folding the berm wall down, allowing for easy exit and entry. If you need something that the wall rise and lower automatically check out our Ready Drive Through Spill Berm
  • No Loose Parts, therefore, No Assembly required or lost parts.
  • Heavy-duty 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum supports the ultimate in lightweight spill containment.
  • A Ready Berm provides quick and easy spill containment for fuel trucks, drums, IBCs containers, vehicles, frac-tanks, and other large containers.
  • Help to meet EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC requirements.
  • Custom berm sizes available.
  • Ready Berms are available in 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″ & 36″ Wall Heights

Size Chart

Spill Berm Size Maximum Capacity on a level surface (Gallons) Weight
5' x 5' x 12" 187 40
8' x 8' x 12" 478 63
10' x 10' x 12" 748 80
10' x 20' x 12" 1,496 125
12' x 12' x 12" 1,077 98
12' x 20' x 12" 1,795 136
12' x 24' x 12" 2,154 156
12' x 30' x 12" 2,692 185
12' x 36' x 12" 3,231 214
12' x 40' x 12" 3,590 233
12' x 45' x 12" 4,039 257
12' x 50' x 12" 4,488 281
14' x 54' x 12" 5,655 327
15' x 40' x 12" 4,488 269
15' x 50' x 12" 5,610 323
5' x 5' x 18" 280 72
8' x 8' x 18" 718 107
10' x 10' x 18" 1,112 126
10' x 20' x 18" 2,244 189
12' x 12' x 18" 1,615 156
12' x 20' x 18" 2,692 208
12' x 24' x 18" 3,231 235
12' x 30' x 18" 4,039 276
12' x 36' x 18" 4,847 316
12' x 40' x 18" 5,385 341
12' x 45' x 18" 6,059 375
12' x 50' x 18" 6,732 408
14' x 54' x 18" 8,482 467
15' x 40' x 18" 6,732 379
15' x 50' x 18" 8,415 453


Question: What materials are the Spill Berms made of?

Answer: Ready Spill Containment Berms usually are constructed using 30 oz. Chemical resistant ER-1000, XR-5, or equivalent fabric with a stable polyester fabric base that supports a coating with exceptional UV and hydrocarbon resistance. We also offer other specialty fabric for acids and other applications. Call us or email if you have any questions.

Question: How do I determine which Spill Berm will work best for me?

Answer: All of our spill berms have excellent chemical resistance, and wall supports, making them ideal for containing leaks and spills from tanker trucks, drums, tanks, and industrial equipment and machinery.

Question: Will the berm be driven in and out on a constant basis?

Answer: If so check out our Drive through berm or Foam wall berms for smaller volumes containment options.

Question: Will the spill berm be used in a narrow or limited space?

Answer: Then our L Bracket Spill Berm which has the smallest footprint and the largest containment capacity or Foam wall berms for lower volumes containment options.

Question: Do I need to prep the area for the spill berm?

  1. Answer: We recommend a level surface void of any shape rocks, nails other objects that may puncture the berm. We offer ground mats to protect the berm from damage from underneath and track mats to protect the spill berm from rocks and other objects that may be embedded in the tires of the trucks.
  2. Answer: Keep in mind that if you set the spill containment berm up on an un-level surface, you will lose capacity.

Question: Can the spill containment berms be repaired?

Answer: Yes, As part of our *7 Year warranty on our 30 oz. ER-1000, XR-5, or equivalent fabric spill berms. We offer the use of a professional hot air welder to allow in-field repairs.

Question: Can the spill berm be customized?

Answer: Yes, with an ISO 9001;2015 certified design QMS we can customize a one up solution for your spill containment issue or help to design, build, and produce your spill containment solution.