Spill Berm Accessories

Protective ground mat

Ground Mats for spill berms

Our Heavy Duty Ground Mat is designed to protect our flexible containment products like our spill bermswater bladders, and fuel bladders from rocks, debris, and other sharp objects on the ground. Ready Containment manufactures a single piece ground mat that is typically built one foot wider and longer than the spill berm or bladder they are protecting. This one-piece design gives the ultimate protection and ease of deployment.

Ready Ground Mats are used with our Spill Containment Berms and Bladder Tank.

Track Mats for spill berms

Track Mats for Containment Berms

Ready Containment heavy-duty, chemical resistant track mats protect the spill berms from accidental puncture due to rocks and other sharp objects that may have entered the berm embedded in the vehicles’ tires.  To provide the ultimate protection of your spill containment berms, Ready Track Mats are two feet longer than the berm itself. These products come in sets of two and are available as removable mats or permanently installed. We also offer non-slip versions.

Ready Track Mats are used with:

Ready Berms | Ready Drive Through Spill Berms | Ready Foam Wall Berm | Ready “L” Bracket Spill Berm

To help eliminate rainwater from building up in your outdoor secondary containment products, like the Ready Spill Berms, we also offer the Ready Self Bailer. The best protection for non-monitored containment sites, the Ready Self Bailer, helps eliminate problems associated with collecting rainwater in outdoor containment products.

Simple to install, it can be connected to any outdoor containment product to filter hydrocarbon from stormwater through its outflow port, which features easily replaceable filters. Larger or concentrated spills activate the “auto-shutoff” mechanism. The Ready Self Bailer also includes a manual shutoff valve that can be used to secure all draining operations.

Ready Passive Filters are used with:

Ready Berms | Ready Drive Through Spill Berms | Ready Foam Wall Berm | Ready “L” Bracket Spill Berm


Hose bridge and cable

Hose and Cable Bridges

Our Ready Hose and Cable Bridges are designed to provide a safe and easy way to allow hoses, cables, and more into and out of our containment products, like the  Ready Spill Berms, “L” Brackets Spill Berms, or Foam Wall Spill Berms and Fuel Bladders. The Ready Hose Bridge prevents the spill berm wall from being compromised by hoses or cables’ weight when connecting to equipment, such as generators or pumps.

Ready Hose Bridges are used with:

Ready Berms | Ready Drive Through Spill Berms | Ready Foam Wall Berm | Ready “L” Bracket Spill Berm

Unveiling the Benefits of Ready Passive Filters for Hydrocarbon Removal in Outdoor Secondary Spill Containment Berm


In industries where the handling of hazardous materials is routine, the need for robust spill containment solutions cannot be overstated. Outdoor secondary spill containment berms play a pivotal role in safeguarding the environment and complying with stringent regulations. Among the innovative technologies available, Ready passive filters have emerged as a groundbreaking solution for efficient hydrocarbon removal. In this article, we’ll explore the multifaceted benefits of utilizing Ready passive filters within outdoor secondary spill containment berms, emphasizing their environmental responsibility, cost-efficiency, ease of maintenance, and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Responsibility

Ready passive filters epitomize environmental responsibility in spill containment. Traditional methods often involve the use of impermeable liners or physical barriers, which can lead to long-term ecological damage when they degrade or require replacement. Ready passive filters, however, harness sustainable materials and natural processes to capture and remove hydrocarbons.

These filters typically employ eco-friendly absorbents such as significantly reducing environmental harm.


Opting for Ready passive filters translates into significant cost savings in outdoor spill containment berms. Traditional containment solutions like concrete barriers or liners are capital-intensive to install and often necessitate ongoing maintenance and repairs. In contrast, Ready passive filters require minimal upfront investment and boast low long-term operating costs.

Maintenance of Ready passive filters is refreshingly straightforward. Periodic inspections to gauge filter media effectiveness and occasional replacement as needed are the primary tasks. These uncomplicated procedures result in savings on labor, equipment, and energy costs, making Ready passive filters a cost-effective choice.

Low-Maintenance Advantage

One of the standout features of Ready passive filters is their minimal maintenance requirements. Once installed within a spill containment berm, these filters function with minimal human intervention. Routine checks to assess the condition of the filter media and occasional replacements are typically the extent of maintenance required.

Because Ready passive filters rely on natural processes and do not involve complex mechanical components, the potential for system failures or malfunctions is greatly reduced. This simplicity enhances reliability, ensuring that hydrocarbon removal remains consistently effective over time.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting and exceeding regulatory standards is paramount in industries handling hazardous materials. Ready passive filters align seamlessly with environmental regulations governing hydrocarbon removal. They efficiently capture and retain hydrocarbons, ensuring compliance with stringent standards.

Furthermore, Ready passive filters often surpass regulatory expectations by promoting natural degradation processes. This proactive approach minimizes the need for expensive remediation efforts in the event of a spill, safeguarding both the environment and a company’s reputation.



Ready passive filters represent a revolutionary advancement in hydrocarbon removal within outdoor secondary spill containment berms. Their commitment to environmental responsibility, cost-efficiency, ease of maintenance, and regulatory compliance makes them the optimal choice for businesses seeking sustainable and efficient solutions. By embracing Ready passive filters, industries can fulfill their environmental and compliance obligations while simultaneously streamlining operations and reducing long-term costs. Ready passive filters are not just a solution; they are a commitment to responsible and forward-thinking hydrocarbon management.